Regardless of the service you are looking for from us, we follow the same basic process.

This helps up deliver high quality services at an affordable price. It ensures everyone understands what will be included and, equally importantly, what won’t. 

We think it is important that you understand the process before you start working with us so, please read through the below, and ask questions if you have any concerns.



Contact Us

Sadly our ESP module has yet to be installed; so your first action has to be to Contact Us

We can talk you through our service offerings, provide you with a rough idea of costs, and discuss initial requirements and time-frames.

Once we know what service, or services, you are looking for, we will work with you to establish your exact requirements.

This allows us to understand what you want and how you’d like it achieved. This stage generates the scope of work and will be used to track the project and formulate costings.


Gather Requirements


Design & Build

We provide several ‘off the shelf’ services, such as Office 365, but even these can be tailored to suit your requirements.

With our websites, we create an initial design and then work with you to change and refine this until you are happy with it. Once we move to the build phase, changes may be subject to additional costs.

We build our services based on your requirements and the agreed design. Websites are built to be responsive (‘mobile friendly’), and IT networks are designed to be expandable.

At this stage you would be asked to supply the ‘content’, e.g. the words for your website, or the user list for your computers.

Whether you are hosting a website with us, we are traveling to your site to install a server, or we’re attending your event to take photos, this stage is where we deliver the service directly to you.

Here we can iron out any creases, and you get to sign off on the finished article.

But, we don’t want to stop being friends just yet…


Deliver Solution


Ongoing Support

Just because we’ve hit ‘publish’ on your website, or shut the server cabinet door behind us, doesn’t mean our work has to stop.

We provide a variety of support options to suit all needs, from hourly servicing to support projects in their own right.

Even if you’ve not used us for any of the above, you can still Contact Us for support.

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